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Pleasure Boat Gallery

The Pleasure Boat Inn and Dyke Left to right: unknown, Basil Amis, Huggie Gibbs father, Gordie Cator, Dorothy Costin,
Gwen Amis, Stanley Nudd, Sheila Hornby and Derrick Evans.
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Locals tell us...

Stanley Nudd was known as "Buck" and a powerful man. He and his wife, Pleasance, who helped out in the kitchen (Food was only served on Sundays) lived in Staithe cottage. Buck didn't like "foreigners" and, we're told, once threw a holiday maker out through the window!

Gordy Cator used to drink like a fish and could play darts equally well left or right handed.

Sheila Hornby was quite the lady, always made up to the nines and quite wealthy. She had an unusual affair with the river inspector, Harry Tait, who was a retired navy man, and they lived together at the Ice House Catfield Staithe after he left his wife. Unfortunately, she died in a car crash.

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