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The Pleasure Boat Shop

We opened our shop for business on 1st March 2012. It's small, but perfectly formed (by a local craftsman), and is situated in a corner of our restaurant just through the doors from the bar.

If you need to know more than shown on this page then Phone the Pub.

Opening Hours:

Shop Signs

We now open from 9:00am to 6:00pm.

We sell...

Daily And Sunday Papers. (Locals place their orders with us!)

Bread, Milk, Butter, Margarine, Cheese, Local Ham, Bacon, Eggs

Tinned Goods, Tea, Coffee, Sugar

Sweets, Ice Creams and much more!

...and Local Crafts and Souvenirs.

Customer Quotes:

"The village needs a shop. We used to have lots!"

"The prices are reasonable too!"

Staff at The Pleasure Boat Shop welcome customers

"You'd like a table for four in the restaurant this evening, a mooring overnight, your paper
in the morning and you forgot to pack your toothbrush? No problem, Sir!"


Café NoticeYou'll already be in our restaurant, so take the opportunity to take the weight off your feet and have a tea or coffee or something else, from our "Café Menu".

Go on! Spoil yourself...

Have a slice of cake or a bun while you while you're with us.

If you're a late riser, then one of our Bacon Rolls, could just save you from having to cook your own breakfast. A boon for boaters!

Relax! Stare out across the Broad, and take your time. Why hurry?

Fish and Chips?

After work on Fridays, why not stop off at the PB on the way home? You know it makes sense!

Fish and Chips
"Darling! Salt and vinegar on yours?" Better still, why not get your other half to meet you here?

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